Coronavirus Situation with Clacton on Sea Lions Club

Our Apologies is we have been relatively quiet over the last 3/4 weeks but as the majority of our members are in the category of elderly and/or vulnerable we are obeying the lockdown and self-distancing rules.  All events and meetings are cancelled until the end of May.  Planning of our programme of both events and meetings is also on hold for another month in the hope that we might have more guidance as to the easing of the lockdown through the summer months.  However, we are not totally dormant, as our members are engaging in a weekly video meeting to keep in touch and various items of business are transmitted by e-mails.  Formal meetings by video conferencing means is likely to restart during the summer months.  Please Stay Safe and Stay Healthy especially by staying in.

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  1. Nicky Freeman


    I’m sure the local organisations are missing the events you had planned for them to raise funds – like the Quiz Nights and the Pig Races and having to abandon the Easter Hamper draw and also the Members of the Club have missed the business meetings and Social meetings and companionship. Let’s hope this unusual situation doesn’t last too but you are not far away and still working as a Club.

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