Keep Feeding the Recycling Lion

For nearly thirty years, our Club has been collecting used and unwanted pairs of spectacles and hearing aids across the Tendring Area.  The spectacles are sorted and graded and then sent out to the Third World by Lions organisations based in France.  Those spectacles that are not suitable for re-use are broken up for spares or recycling – no part is wasted.

Similarly the old Hearing Aids are sent away for refurbishment before again being sent out to those in need in the Third World.

We also collect used or unwanted computer printer cartridges and mobile phones which are sent for recycling to the East Anglian Children’s Hospices to swell their funds to keep them running. 

During 2019, we have forwarded 28,000 spectacles to Lions Sightsavers with another 6,000 awaiting shipment in the New Year;  122 unwanted hearing aids have sent for refurbishment and an estimated 11,500 batteries including used hearing aid batteries have been sent for recycling.

 Also in 2019 we have handed over to 4,060 cartridges to the East Anglian Children’s Hospices worth an estimated £6,000 to their funds plus we have handed over 650 mobile phones worth an estimated £8,250 to them once broken up.

You can find our Collection Bins in over 40 locations across the Tendring Area from Brightlingsea to Harwich, from Clacton on Sea to Manningtree. To find a location near you just click here for a comprehensive list.

Recently we have added a new type of Bin in the Co-op Store in Frinton Road at Holland on Sea.  This bin is specifically for old Inkjet Printer Cartridges and when recycled these will raise funds for our Charity.

The photograph on the right shows the result of three months collections of spectacles (over 10,000) boxed up ready for despatch plus a selection of mobile phones and printer cartridges also ready for delivery to the East Anglian Children’s Hospices local shop for onward transmission.