Ask me how to become a member

Clacton on Sea Lions Club is always open to applications for membership from adults who live in the Tendring District who wish to give something back to our community and the world at large.

Membership involves not only raising funds for good causes and providing physical help to those in need but also getting involved in social activities such as Ten Pin Bowling; Meals with fellow members and their families and Theatre Trips amongst other things.  As a Club, we feel that it is important that as well as concentrating on the good we can do to our local community and the world at large we should also ensure that we have fun whilst doing these things.

Membership itself is acquired by invitation where the new member will be sponsored by an existing member. We like to spend a minimum of three months getting to know potential members and for them to get to know us and what we do.  That period includes attendance to at least three of our monthly business meetings – currently being held online – and participating in three activities of different types.

The cost of membership is currently around £1.50 per week on average across the country as no funds raised from the public may be used for the administration of the Club nor of Lions Clubs International.

Becoming a Lion also has benefits in terms of personal growth and making friends from around the UK and the world as there are over 1.4 million Lions throughout the world plus many young people who are part of our Leo organisation.  Many projects involve Lions Clubs working together to achieve a goal.  For instance, see our page on the Five Global Causes.

To enquire about becoming a member please e-mail: or complete the Contact Us form on this site.