Posted 18th March 2022

Last weekend our Club received a call from a Past Chairman of Tendring District Council – Mark Platt asking for our help as Lions. Mark had a van filled with donations of new clothes and other essential items that was destined for Warsaw in Poland for onward distribution in the Ukraine BUT the person who was to receive them had been taken ill and there was no-one available to receive them now. He asked if we had any Lions clubs in Warsaw as he was ready to go with all relevant paperwork  and the van was scheduled to leave the next day. 

A quick search on the Lions Club International website showed 4 clubs in Warsaw but only one had a webpage and Facebook presence – The Lions Club Warszawa Centrum.  We contacted them and explained the situation and within 1 hour they had contacted Mark and he was ready and the wheels in motion.


Not only did The Lions Club Warszawa Centrum organise people to help when the van arrived, offers of hospitality from them were plentiful and Mark also exchanged one of our banners with the Polish Club.