The first Pig Race Night that we organised was held in January 2005.  It raised almost £2,000 in support of those who had suffered because of the massive Tsunami in South East Asia.

Since then we have run over 50 Pig Race Nights for 28 Charitable Organisations which have raised in excess of £45,000. Currently we are only considering bookings for 2021.

No live pigs are used during our Pig Races only our tried and tested battery powered fluffy pigs.  Just watch them stop and give their tails a little wiggle every now and then.

If your Charitable Organisation would like us to consider staging a Pig Race Night and can sell at least 70 tickets then do contact us to see when this can be arranged.  The venue should be larger enough to hold at least 75 people with space for the Tote table and the Race Track. Your organisation or the venue  will need to handle any licensing considerations for recorded music etc..

Details of our requirements for staging such an event for you can be obtained by using the Contact Us Page to send us a message.