Lions Day

On Saturday 11th June in Clacton Town Centre, we are holding an information day with a colouring competition for youngsters as well as stalls providing information on our Club, Lions Clubs International and our International Foundation which funds projects world-wide including providing emergency funding for disasters and to assist displaced persons and refugees which is

Recycling News

Our recycling projects are back up and running and there is now a new project with a bin at Holland on Sea Co-op Store specifically for the recycling of old inkjet cartridges which will then raise funds for our Charity.  This is in addition to our ongoing recycling bins as shown on the current list.

Lions Sightsavers

Lions and Sightsavers (formerly the Royal Commonwealth Society for the Blind) have been working together since 1972 and Clacton Lions having been making donations annually to the Lions Sight Savers Trust, a registered charity since the early days of our Club.   Initially, these donations supported a Sightsavers Eye Camp Outreach Programme in India, focusing on

Lions’ Five Global Causes

Since our Centennial Year ended in June 2018 all Lions around the world, numbering over 1.4 million members world-wide, have come together to support five areas of need across the world. These Global Causes present significant challenges to humanity and our organisation believes it is our chance to meet these challenges. Diabetes We serve to

Our Recycling Bin Locations

We have a large number of recycling bins throughout the Tendring District for the collection of unwanted spectacles; sunglasses and hearing aids as well as unwanted mobile phones and used printer cartridges: The list below is accurate as at 14th August 2021 and shows the main sites where bins are available to the general public. 

Young Ambassador of the 21st Century

WE ARE LOOKING FOR A… YOUNG AMBASSADOR FOR THE 21st CENTURY DO YOU KNOW SOMEONE WHO MAY BE SUITABLE? They must be between the ages of 15-18 Have interests or activities that involve the community / organisations Or have done something exceptional Be outgoing and sociable There are various levels to this competition which starts

Centennial Celebrations

Lions Clubs International celebrated its 100th birthday in June 2017 and all around the world Lions Clubs commemorated this important event in many different ways but with a common theme of serving their local community. We are no longer updating this page or recording events in connection with the Centenary/ April 2019

Our Projects

Our Projects We have run a number of major projects over our 37 years and although some of these are no longer part of our programme you will find here the major projects that we are currently involved in. From the International Peace Poster Competition to Message in a Bottle and Recycling Spectacles and other

International Peace Poster Competition

International Peace Poster Competition The International Peace Poster Competition was created in 1988 to give young people the opportunity to creatively express their feelings for world peace and to share their visions with the world.  Approximately 600,000 children from more than 65 countries participate in the contest annually. The competition is open to young people

Our Recycling Projects

Keep Feeding the Recycling Lion For nearly thirty years, our Club has been collecting used and unwanted pairs of spectacles and hearing aids across the Tendring Area.  The spectacles are sorted and graded and then sent out to the Third World by Lions organisations based in France.  Those spectacles that are not suitable for re-use